Hi. Welcome to undomiel*NU, where elven tradition meets human technology...straight outta 2002 like a beast, baby.

▼ Wanna read some dramatic history?

In February 2021, on a complete whim, I registered the name once again -- truly mine, this time. As far as I know, I'm the only person who's ever owned uNU. It's no longer my main collective (go to Wings for that), but I host my blog here. Why? I have no idea. I've tried moving it to other places but it always ends up back here. Go figure. Brains and memories are weird.

What was here back in the day? Here's what little I remember, and what it evolved into:

☆ Bittersweet Hereafter
[/log] my weblog, obviously → still here!
☆ Bent
[/frodo] a shrine to Frodo from LotR → Fairer Than Most
☆ Angel Descended
[/arwen] a shrine to Arwen from LotR → Evenstar
☆ Rasberry Swirl
[/rasberry] purposefully mispelled spiritual SOC → Never revived, though the bones of the ideas discussed will likely end up at Dreamer.
☆ The Freaky Writers Webring
[/freaky] a webring for writers who were considered "freaky". IDK, my younger self was odd. → Never revived; no interest in doing so.
☆ Winter
[/winter] I...think? it was a personal site? → Dreamer
☆ Vilya
[/vilya] my Lord of the Rings collective → Middle-earth.Org
☆ Pagemasters
[/pagemasters] a webclique for people who used FrontPage in any way to construct their websites, made after I was bullied about it. → Never revived, though I still believe that there is nothing wrong with using a WYSIWYG editor to make pages. Don't be an elitist bitch.
☆ Broken China;
[/china] a support page for people struggling with SI. I was bullied out of running it by the reasons I was hurting myself, believe it or not. → Never revived, for obvious reasons.
☆ My Name Escapes Me & Ascending Pecularity
[/blynk] & [/blynk/blog] the hosted site of my best online friend at the time, Blynk. → I have no idea where she is or what she's doing these days, but god, she deserved every happiness in the world and I hope she has such. I'm gonna stop writing or I'll start crying.

Undomiel*NU basically exists as a place to host my weblog, and I don't think it will ever really be anything else. But, y'know, who knows? It is what it is, and, to quote the Manic Street Preachers...everything is, everything was, everything is all, everything will be.

Sail into the abyss with me, afterending.
~ Rin, 21/2/24